Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions

Learn how Bitcoin transactions work and how they are structured. This is an advanced-level online certificate course for business professionals.
Course Level: Advanced
Course Price: $150

Earn your Official BIT Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions certificate of completion recorded on the blockchain:

  • Do you want to fully understand what Bitcoin transactions are, how they work and how they are structured?
  • Do you want to be able to describe the process of how Bitcoin transactions are created and processed?
  • Do you want to develop expert knowledge and the vocabulary necessary to speak professionally about Bitcoin transactions?

This advanced level video course focusing on Bitcoin transactions will prepare you to be able to understand and discuss how Bitcoin transactions are structured and processed.

You'll learn the key concepts around Bitcoin transactions including:

  • What is a Bitcoin transaction?
  • What are the key components of a Bitcoin transaction?
  • How are Bitcoin transactions processed?
  • How Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain as well as how to review transactions on the public blockchain.

This Bitcoin Advanced Level video course is designed for business professionals and focuses on the business components of Bitcoin transactions.

It requires the student to have an understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in order to be most effectively understood. As a result, it is highly recommended that students have previously taken and successfully completed the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals course.

This course is intended for business professional audiences and is part of the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification curriculum. There is no software coding experience needed for this course nor are there software coding examples included.

Course Level: Advanced
Course Price: $150

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