Workshop: Jump into Web3 as an Enterprise

Web 3 Webinar

The 3-hour workshop will cover how enterprises should get involved in Web3. The session will help you understand what Web3 entails, why you should care and how it represents the next level of customer engagement and brand loyalty for the upcoming generations of buyers: Gen Z and Alpha!

The main goal of the training is to show you how to leverage tokenization and immersive experiences to appeal to the aforementioned audiences and stay relevant in the future of digital ownership.

Filippo will cover the 5 pillars of a successful Web3 strategy as seen in his model, the Web3 Go-To-Market Canvas™: segments, tools, resources, and distribution. The last pillar will focus on safety in Web3, and the implications of navigating the space from a business standpoint.

No prior knowledge of the topic is necessary. if you have any further questions regarding the workshop, reach out at and connect with Filippo directly on Linkedin.

We look forward to jumpstarting your journey!



22 November 2022 @ 4.00pm


Online (via Zoom)


3 hours




Filippo Chisari


Filippo provides Web3 education for Enterprises. He is a strategic advisor to brands who wish to get into the Metaverse and NFT space. He teaches Crypto Marketing and Business Models at the Binance Master in Blockchain & Crypto and was selected by Linkedin for their Accelerator Program to create a content series on Web3 for Enterprise. Filippo’s work focuses on enabling leadership teams to grow audiences, build communities, and evangelize Web3 projects